We are a community of people who have encountered a life-changing God. No matter your interests or season in life, we’ve got a place for you to feel the love.

Athletics Ministry

Provides a positive, safe and well organized recreation environment for those in the church and community.



Congregational Care Ministry

Serves our congregants experiencing hospitalizations, long-term illnesses, or deaths. We offer hospital visitations, nursing home/rehabilitation facility visits, and contact members during the planning of funerals or memorials.

Team Leads:  Elder Chalaundra Bradley

Contact: care@goldengatecathedral.org

Events & Planning Team

Supports the administrative staff in the planning of conferences, concerts, travel, and other special events.

Team Lead:  NaShawnda Thomas


Greeters Ministry

Ensures that every person who visits Golden Gate Cathedral from the streets to the seat is welcomed.

Team Lead:  Tommie Abrams

Contact:  greeters@goldengatecathedral.org

Health Ministry

Serves to promote wellness within our congregation and community by providing health education and screenings for healthy living.

Team Leads:  Linda Green & Ieasha Patterson

Contact:  health@goldengatecathedral.org

GGC Kidz

An exciting environment for children to develop an intimate relationship with God by introducing them to biblical principles that build a foundation based upon the Word of God.

Team Lead: Johnny Glover

Contact:  ggckidz@goldengatecathedral.org

Media Ministry

Seeks to use technology marketing promotions and design in a way that promotes the Kingdom of God.

Team Lead:  Samuel Harris

Contact:  media@goldengatecathedral.org

Men’s Ministry

Designed to help the men of the church to become spiritual leaders and to provide an avenue of outreach to men in our community.

Team Lead:  Elder Kenneth McKinney


Ministerial Alliance

Serves as an oasis for people wishing to explore and respond to the call of ministry as Ordained Elders, Licensed Ministers, and Messengers in Training.

Chief Elder:  Elder Vonna Jones

Contact:  amen@goldengatecathedral.org

Music & Fine Arts Ministry

Provides an avenue of worship through singing, acting and liturgical dance to prepare  the hearts of the congregation to be rich soil for the Word of God to take root and grow.

Team Lead:  Elder Billy Rivers

Contact:  billy@goldengatecatheral.org

New Members Ministry

Responsible for welcoming new members providing helpful information and bonding them to the church through fellowship.

Team Leads:  Vickie Young & Kenneth McKinney

Contact: info@goldengatecathedral.org


Prayer Ministry

Encourages heartfelt passionate prayer and intercession in the people of God within the church and throughout the community as well as to incorporate all members into a committed active prayer life.

Team Lead:  Joan Patterson

Contact:  prayer@goldengatecathedral.org

Guest Services

Responsible for creating a welcoming environment for first-time guests and making sure their GGC experience is pleasant.

Team Lead:  Jamecia Richardson


GGC Students

A fun place for middle school and high school students to meet new friends, serve in the community, and develop a faith of their own.

Team Lead: ShaRon Lewis

Contact:  students@goldengatecathedral.org

Usher Ministry

Regularly participates in worship services by assisting with literature, distributions, directing and seating members and guests also by assisting with worship experience.

Team Lead:  Diane Jones

Contact:  ushers@goldengatecathedral.org

Women’s Ministry

Seeks to empower and strengthen the lives of women with a focus on planning and coordinating activities for the women of the church to promote fellowship and spiritual growth.


Team Lead: Elder Beverly Stephens

Contact:  ggcwomen@goldengatecathedral.org


XYZ Ministry (Xtra Years of Zeal)

Ensures the seniors of Golden Gate grow older gracefully with a level of excitement and opportunities to explore hobbies and activities that creates entertainment.