Our Story
On Thursday night before the 2nd Sunday in February 1957 a small group of Christians led by the late Brother Garret H. Mitchell Sr. met at the home of the late Reverend C.W. Chapman. These members by divine revelation had a burning determination to serve God according to the dictation of the Holy Spirit. During this meeting Reverend C.W. Chapman was elected Pastor; Brother Garret H. Mitchell Sr. and the late Brother Sam Walls were selected as the first deacons; Sister Bertha Walls became the first treasurer; Sister Vivian Marsh Swift served as the first clerk. Other members included Brothers Herman Leon and Sherman Marsh and the late Sister Gloria Davis. It was Sister Swift who proposed the name Golden Gate which was unanimously approved by the group.
Following this organizational meeting Golden Gate experienced years of positive change and growth. First Golden Gate received its charter from the late Reverend B. J. Wilson who pastored the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. Here Golden Gate worshiped for a short time. Later they worshiped at the Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church which was pastored by the late Reverend Harrison Brown. Then after purchasing a piano and a few chairs Golden Gate members rented a building at the corner of Crump and Latham where they worshiped until the 2nd Sunday in September 1957. From there the members moved to 172 Walker Avenue. While worshiping there Reverend C. W. Chapman gave the members a set of goals. From these goals emerged the Church's motto; "To Become Spirit Filled Spirit Motivated and Spirit Activated."

Subsequently a new building was purchased at 1010 Woodlawn in February 1924 just in time to celebrate the Church's 3rd Anniversary. Then on the 2nd Sunday in July 1968 at 10:00 a.m. the Golden Gate Church with God's blessing marched to its new church site located at 1178 Breedlove Street. For twenty years the members labored under the competent leadership of Reverend C.W. Chapman until his health failed. He died on December 3 1976.

A new chapter in our history began in June 1976 with the election of a new pastor Reverend J. J. Jones. Under his leadership the membership continued to grow. Reverend Jones served until August 1978. On the 1st Sunday in October 1978 Reverend Roosevelt Jackson was elected Pastor. During his tenure in 1985 Golden Gate was blessed by the Lord to burn the church mortgage. Reverend Jackson served the congregation until the 1st Sunday in September 1986.

On November 30 1986 God magnificently blessed the congregation with a dynamic pastor—Edward H. Stephens Jr. This young man of God grew up and worship in a Traditional Baptist Church where "Teaching the Word' was a priority. Subsequently he was exposed to the "charisma" of Pentecostalism. Edward Stephens Jr. knew that along with the excellent teaching of God's Word the believer should also experience the "quickening" of the Holy Spirit. Thusly in 1994 Golden Gate became a part of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. In November 1996 Pastor Stephens was consecrated and elevated to the office of Bishop by Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr. International Presiding Bishop.

Bishop Stephens is a "trailblazer" a profound teacher a provocative preacher and a minister with diverse talents. He prays sings and is a musician of renown. He excels in relating religious truths to the stressful issues of our time. Under the leadership of Bishop Edward H. Stephens Jr. Golden Gate took on a whole new vision. From February 1995 to July 1996 the church worshipped at the Firestone Union Hall located at 1036 Firestone while Phase I of "The Vision" unfolded. On July 28 1996 we stood as a testimony to the power of the Almighty God when we began worshiping at our new edifice with its 1150 seat worship center at 3240 James Road.

God continued to bless and Golden Gate continued to prosper. In January 1997 we purchased an additional "five-plus" acres of land across the street. This land presently being used for parking will ultimately include transitional housing and an elderly care home. Membership at Golden Gate has increased from 130 members to over 3500 members. In March 1999 we embarked on Phase II of "The Vision." To God be the glory for an enlarged sanctuary a new Administration Building and a Family Life Center which houses the college preparatory elementary school S.T.A.R Academy. In November of 2006 the Lord further extended the ministry to reach the Cordova community through a second location at 1770 Dexter Springs Loop. Golden Gate Cathedral praises and magnifies God for more than 50 years of excellent growth in Christ Jesus!
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